A 12-year old Mansfield boy made it his mission to help families devastated by Hurricane Harvey.
First, Donovan Browder set up a kool-aid stand and donated the proceeds. Now, he’s focused on making sure a family that lost everything and relocated to North Texas still gets to celebrate with gifts this Christmas.
The flood waters from Hurricane Harvey have receded, but the images of the devastation are what the victims still remember.
Elizabeth Green, her husband Samuel and their three kids spent a month in the Dallas convention center. They’re starting over in North Texas.
“It was hard,” she said. “I cried many a day at the shelter.”
The Greens got help with an apartment, but they’re still looking for jobs. The hurricane also took both their cars. Green says she’s touched that so many in Dallas, and now a boy in Mansfield, are helping them start a new life.
“I just feel like some people …