When most people think back on the child celebrities of their time, they likely think of child movie actors, the well-trained stars of showbiz. For some, these were stars like Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, or Macaulay Carson Culkin from “Home Alone.” For others, they were Judy Garland or Shirley Temple.
For kids these days, however, some of the biggest stars are not actors at all but YouTube stars.
And one of the biggest of them all is a 6-year-old named Ryan who plays with toys ? mesmerizing millions of children across the globe.
Since he was 3 years old, Ryan?s parents have been capturing videos of him opening toys, playing with them and “reviewing” them for videos posted on their YouTube channel,”Ryan ToysReview.”
Ryan?s last name, and his place of residence are a closely guarded secret, and not without reason.
Ryan has become a multi-millionaire, according to Forbes magazine?s just-out list …