A little boy who was born without arms and legs because of a rare congenital disorder has taken his first steps at the age of four.
Camden Whiddon, who has phocomelia syndrome and amelia, can play the piano, feed himself and move around on his stumps despite not having hands or feet.
And he appeared today on Good Morning Britain to reveal how he’s recently learned to walk, thanks to the help of his parents, Katie and Cole Whiddon, and his older sister Ryleigh.
Camden smiled at the camera and waved as his parents showed footage of him shuffling forward on his stumps.
“He is exceptional,” Piers Morgan told the family of four.
“He really is, he really inspires me because he has all this determination in himself to do things,” said proud mum Katie.
“Sometimes you can get down but then you see Camden and he doesn’t feel any of that, he just goes and …