As wildfires continue tearing through Southern California, some families are returning home to find their houses and belongings completely destroyed. It’s heartbreaking, but stories of hope, like the one from this Ventura County couple, are beginning to surface.
Don and Julie Myers recently evacuated their home, and when they returned, they weren’t expecting to find much in the ashes. The couple had a fire safe, but when they opened it, it seemed as though everything was “unrecognizable,” Julie tells
Still, the firefighters on-site helped them to look through the safe just in case there was anything salvageable. Don continued to sift through the remnants, and in doing so, he found his wife’s original wedding ring.
Julie has two rings: The original, which was in the fire safe, and a new one that Don purchased for their 25th anniversary. She was wearing the new ring at the time of the …