As we reported earlier today, Tesla is definitely ramping up Model 3 deliveries this week, but most of those vehicles are still in the hands of Tesla and SpaceX employees and their relatives.
Only a few regular reservation holders are now taking delivery and it’s a big deal for most of those early adopters, but even more so for a man with stage 4 terminal cancer whose dying wish was apparently to get his own Model 3.
As the first relatively affordable and mass-produced electric vehicle, the Model 3 is important for a lot of EV enthusiasts.
Important enough to be on your bucket list?
It is important enough for a TMC member going by ‘Graniteds’. He wrote on the forum last month:
“Well, I’d love to see November deliveries! i have a terminal stage 4 cancer and have been told I may only 3-4 months to live. The last thing on …