Gabriel Crimeli joined the rank of superhero earlier this year, shortly after the six-year-old was diagnosed with “villainous” leukemia, specifically, B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
A steady dose of steroids, chemotherapy and blood donations proved the right combination to stop the cancer cells from further invasion.
He’s now officially in remission.
He’s calling on his fellow superheroes — the blood donors who made his recovery possible — to continue donating. And he’s hoping to generate some newcomers to the local Canadian Blood Services clinics. 
December is typically a slow month for blood donations, however the need locally is immediate, according to the organization’s website.
When Gabriel’s parents Sabrina and Dan explained to Gabriel where the blood that helped him get better came from, he set out on a mission to make sure other ill children have the same access to life-saving transfusions too.
Mission accomplished.
Not one to rest on his superhero laurels, Gabriel upped his goal to …