When a lost dog is found, most owners feel an immediate sense of relief. But when a lost dog is found hundreds of kilometres away from home, those owners are left with a new problem: How do you get them back?
A national volunteer network has developed a novel way to reunite these far-flung dogs with their owners — by harnessing the goodwill of truck drivers.
The group, Furry Hobos N Highway Heros, invites dog-loving truckers to transport missing animals back home. Trucking can be a solitary job, and the idea is to provide truckers with canine company while helping out a family in need.
Margaret Foster, a former truck driver herself, started the group in 2013 and says she has reconnected approximately 400 dogs with their owners.
“We call it just paw it forward, eh?” Foster told CTV News, adding that the service is totally free. “If people …