MONROVIA, CA – Shopping with a toddler is no easy feat, but one Target employee helped a mom out by throwing an impromptu dance party with a young girl. Stefanie Bradbard Elliott took her 2-year-old daughter Evallyn to the Duarte Target, and the youngin’ was “unusually rambunctious” on this particular trip, mom said.
Elliott thought bringing along a toy shopping cart would make Evallyn feel like a big girl and keep her busy while they shopped, but she “immediately regretted” her decision upon entering the store. Mom spent the entire trip trying to wrangle her daughter pushing the mini shopping cart, while simultaneously steering her own cart, trying to shop, and doubling back to get the tiny cart when the toddler got distracted and left it in the middle of an aisle.
“Just before this video my daughter was following me to checkout on her knees, dragging her huge shoes …