MILLVILLE, N.J. – Customers at the New Jersey Walmart with items on layaway received an early Christmas gift of their own thanks to a Secret Santa. 
The man, who store manager Rosie Kaur said wishes not to be identified, paid off $49,000 worth of layaway merchandise for 223 people on Saturday. 
And, no, it wasn’t Mike Trout. 
The Millville native and MLB star’s name was swirling on social media as the rumored person behind the kind act, but Kaur denied that claim. 
“Only me, I’m the only one who knows,” Kaur said of the man’s identity. “He’s a local businessman, a very nice person. The customers were so grateful that someone wanted to do that.”
Kimberly Green, 52, of Vineland was one of the beneficiaries of the generous deed. 
She and her daughter, Shantay Jenkins, who works at the Millville Walmart, started with an $1,100 layaway order. The mystery Santa covered their $713 balance, according to Green. 
“It’s the …