Two male friends in their 80s plan to marry next month to avoid paying inheritance tax when one inherits the older man’s home.
Michael O’Sullivan from Stoneybatter, north Dublin, said he has been friends with Matt for almost 30 years and is now Matt’s carer.
Neither is gay but they have decided getting married is “not a bad idea” to avoid a large tax bill when Matt leaves his north Dublin home to Mr O’Sullivan in his will.
Matt (85) told RTÉ’s Liveline on Friday that Mr O’Sullivan was his best friend and they were marrying “because he will be part of my life when I die and whatever I have, ie my home, there will be no problems, he can have it.”
Capital Acquisitions Tax (Cat) applies to gifts and inherences over specified values. The 33 per cent rate does not apply to gifts or inheritance given to a spouse or …