After months of preparation and waiting for the ideal weather conditions, the Two Oceans Aquarium finally released Yoshi, its large resident loggerhead turtle today on 16 December 2017, off the coast of Cape Town.
Yoshi, weighing 183kg and measuring 107cm long and 89cm across, was transported by boat to her release point.
Given that female sea turtles always return to their natal beaches (where they hatched) to lay their eggs, it is appropriate that Yoshi is released off Cape Town so that she has the opportunity to follow her natural instinct towards her home range, either up the east coast or the west coast of Africa.
On Friday 15 December 2017, Yoshi was sedated and removed from the I&J Ocean Exhibit. This required a lot of man- and woman-power!
She was then fitted with a satellite tag so that we can track her movements and monitor her behaviour over the next few years – …