ANDRE LICURSI began working as an elevator operator in a luxury co-op building on lower Fifth Avenue 22 years ago. Since then, dressed in a navy uniform trimmed in gold, Mr. Licursi has spent days and nights working the levers and opening the gates of his wood-paneled cab, shuttling tenants up and down 18 floors.
Recently, the building’s co-op board decided to install automatic elevators. Mr. Licursi, 54, and his colleagues will now work as doormen and concierges.
One recent evening, just days before the new automatic era was to begin, Mr. Licursi, who is single and lives in the northeast Bronx, sat in an armchair opposite the fireplace in the co-op’s lobby, and reflected what he’ll miss and what he won’t, after he pulls the brass lever for the last time. KATHERINE BINDLEY
My brother used to deliver groceries to this building. He was friendly with the super, …