Cameron Millar, from Edinburgh, who was born without a hand, has crowdfunded the £10,000 for a new 3D-printed prosthetic.
The young Star Wars fan told Sky News: “I’ll feel a lot like Luke Skywalker, my Star Wars favourite character, because in one of the movies Darth Vader chopped off his hand with his lightsaber. Now he has a bionic hand, so I feel a lot like Luke Skywalker.
“I want a bionic hand so that I’m not dragging along behind. Like at school when we’re doing a writing activity a lot of people are writing a lot faster than me, so sometimes I need to go back to it the next day or after break or lunchtime.”
“I can’t build lego as fast as other people. I can’t really play the drums and I can’t do my guitar.”
Cameron crowdfunded the money for his bionic hand with the help of Radio Forth’s ‘Cash for …