The creators of the viral “Harlem Shake” are threatening to take legal action for the use of the song in a video featuring Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai promoting the repeal of net neutrality rules.
Baauer, a DJ whose real name is Harry Rodrigues, said he was “taking action” over the song’s use in a tweet Thursday night.
— Aa (@baauer) December 14, 2017
Produced by conservative news outlet The Daily Caller, the video, released ahead of the FCC’s Thursday vote repealing net neutrality regulations, features Pai dancing to the song, which went viral in 2013.
Baauer told Billboard in a statement that the use of the song “obviously comes as a surprise to me as it was just brought to my attention.”
“I want to be clear that it was used completely without my consent or council. My team and I are currently exploring every single avenue available to get it taken down,” …