A jury in Virginia found an undocumented housemaid guilty of stealing $5,000 in jewelry from the homeowner, but felt sorry for the criminal, and chipped in to pay her fine.
Sandra Mendez Ortega, 19, is an undocumented immigrant. Legally she should not be in the U.S. at all. But she is here, and for a time she had a job working with a house-cleaning company.
Ortega was assigned to clean the house of Jeff and Lisa Copeland. While she was cleaning their home, she stole three rings worth a total of $5,000.
Lisa Copeland discovered the rings were missing in September 2016. She reported the theft, and police questioned three women, all from the same company, who had cleaned her home at one time or another.
At first all three denied knowing anything about the thefts.
One of the missing rings was her grandmother’s engagement ring. Another was her wedding ring. The third ring was of …