Ilse van Loggereneerg was frantically driving her 13-year-old son from Matamata to Waikato Hospital on Saturday night when police stopped her car.
They wanted to know why she was travelling with her hazard lights flashing. She explained she was racing Aydan, who has severe type 1 diabetes, to hospital. 
He’d been feeling unwell and decided to test his blood sugar levels with a home glucose test machine.
When the ketones were so high they didn’t give a clear measure, van Loggereneerg knew something was wrong. 
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“So I phoned the after-hours number at the hospital and they said to bring him in immediately.”
Ketones are an acid the body produces when there is not enough insulin. When they reach dangerous levels, the body goes into ketoacidosis – a life-threatening condition that leads to coma and possibly death.
Aydan’s body was aching and he’d started to tremble. 
“I was petrified. He’s been in a ketoacidosis before and ended up in intensive care.”
Aydan refused to let her call an ambulance. …