AMELIA COUNTY, Va. — One year after a pony was left for dead in a muddy ditch in Amelia County, the animal’s road to recovery is being called Christmas miracle by the veterinarian who saved him.
Dr. Carmen Franck Vaughan said Amelia Animal Control officer Brian Wootten called her last December after he discovered the sick animal.
“[The pony was] abandoned in a muddy ditch on a back road, left to die,” Dr. Vaughan wrote on Facebook . “We got him back to the hospital and the weakness that should have resolved with warmth and hydration remained, and it became obvious that this pony wasn’t just cold and weak, he was neurologic.”
EPM is contracted through opossum feces left on the ground and ingested by horses while eating grass.
“After ingestion, it can migrate to the spinal cord and if this occurs it causes paralysis that worsens and spreads the longer the parasites go …