CIRCLEVILLE – “When I saw the Flames I panicked, but my six year old drug his baby sister outside. Without him, we wouldn’t have gotten out as fast.  I’m so grateful for his quick reactions. He helped me get everyone outside in less than 2 minutes,” said Jessica Harris.
Pictured here is Tyson Lewis, wearing a newly donated Jacket and donated Football.  Tyson’s birthday was the day of the fire.
During the start of the fire on Logan Street, Jessica was home alone with her four kids Tyson 6, Jessalyn 4, Mckenna 2, and Bevon 1.  “I was on the phone with 911, and Tyson was on his cell phone calling his Dad, Grandma, and everyone else he could think of. Tyson Lewis is in Kindergarten. His phone only can call family members, and I think he called them all,” said Harris.
“He’s so smart and had such quick reactions, I will never …