DAYTON — A group of students surprised their teacher Monday with a rare surprise — the gift of color. 
Beau Scott, the 4th and 5th grade higher ability teacher at Dayton Elementary School, is color blind. At stoplights, the colors look the same. 
A few of his students wanted to do something special for him. Claire De Lon, a 5th grader, and Nori Patterson, a 4th grader, both were trying to raise money for color-seeing glasses for Scott. 
“It must be really hard for him to see that way,” Claire said. 
Nori said she and her family wanted to do something nice for Scott, and the two girls found out they were both trying to do the same thing. 
Scott is one of Claire and Nori’s favorite teachers, so it made sense to do something for him.
So the two joined forces and started to raise money for the glasses. 
Claire sold decorative mice with candy cane tails, …