Coldilocks, the oldest polar bear in the U.S., celebrated her 37th birthday on Today and zookeepers at the Philadelphia Zoo threw her a party. Coldilocks received a cake made with peanut butter, honey, raisins, and fish.
Coldi, for short, has far outlived the typical lifespan for captive members of her species, which is around 23.
Polar Bears are added to vulnerable lists, due to decline in number as a part of climate change.
The United States  Fish and Wildlife Service estimated in January that about 26,000 specimens remain in the wild.
The animal lived with her partner, Klondike, for more than three decades before the bear passed away in 2015 at age 34.
The birthday bear’s longevity is credited to the care she receives from her keepers and veterinary staff.
“Happy birthday to the oldest polar bear in the country – Coldilocks! Today we celebrated our favorite polar bear’s 37th birthday with special treats and a …