RICHARDSON, Texas – For three years now, Guadalupe Reesor has made a living by digging through donations.
“My job is to sort the clothes,” she explained from the Resale Shop, owned and operated by Jewish Family Service.
Reesor checks clothes for stains and holes but never expected what she would discover in a donated coat.
“I checked the pocket here, and this was full of money,” said Reesor while holding a black pea coat which held the cash.
It was stacked neatly inside four bank envelopes. When Reesor found it, she immediately alerted her boss.
“It was just so much that she could hardly hold on to it. I looked at it and thought ‘that can’t be real,'” said Assistant Manager Kristina Russell.
“I get a call from Kristina, who’s the assistant manager, saying something crazy happened and she doesn’t know what to do,” Cathy Barker, chief operating officer at Jewish Family Service, said.
“We still couldn’t believe it. …