An Edinburgh boy has told how “fireworks were going off” in his head when he was told he would get a bionic hand in time for Christmas.
Cameron Millar who was born without his right hand, said he had dreamed of having the £10,000 prosthetic for a long time.
The 10-year-old’s mother, Mags Millar, managed to crowdfund for the hand, which is 3d-printed.
Now Cameron will be able to open his presents on Monday “a lot easier”.
Cameron told BBC Scotland: “There was fireworks going off in my head when I heard. It’s so cool.
“I can now pick up a water bottle and pour it into a glass and I can peel oranges without needing to rest it on the table.
“I used to find it difficult playing the drums, I was only able to use one drumstick and Lego was hard.
“But now I can pick up really small things and not drop them, I …