What will governments look like 5 years from now? Today Dubai announced its plan to be “The World’s first blockchain powered government” with a plan to move 100% on blockchain by 2020:
> ArabianChain is moving all Dubai’s government paperwork onto the blockchain, so it doesn’t need lawyers and government departments for verification.
> ObjectTech is providing digital passports and blockchain security to Dubai International airport to deliver seamless entry and exit from the country.
> The Dubai Land Department has launched a blockchain system to record all real estate contracts and record all property-related transactions such as rental, utility and telecom bills.
> In October, Dubai launched emCash, its own cryptocurrecny for citizens to pay for all services via digital cash.
> The country has set up the 46-member Global Blockchain Council, including companies like Microsoft, IBM and Cisco, to lead the way in the country’s adoption of blockchain technology.
Blockchain smart contracts and cryptocurrency …