JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For the past 12 years in front of his home on Cleveland Street, a Jacksonville man has made it his mission to ensure every child in his community has a merry Christmas.
On Saturday, Larry Rogers held a Christmas breakfast for neighborhood kids and their families. 
He invited children and their families to have a warm meal. Rogers also had clothes, toys and books to give to the children.
“You got kids that are just not as fortunate as other kids,” Rogers said. 
Rogers funds most of the event, but said people in the community also chip in by donating these gifts.
Rogers said seeing the joy on their faces is what make him the happiest. “We just go the extra mile to bring joy to kids,” Rogers said.
Ola Williams, who lives next door to Rogers, said this was her first year participating in the event. “It’s like a family when you have …