At times the world we live in may seem like a negative and hectic place, but then a story like this reminds you of how much love, compassion and kindness there truly is.
All of the following was made possible by a young teen, with a dream and huge heart!
It’s just a few days away from Christmas … imagine yourself receiving a package at your doorstep from a complete stranger, you open the box to find a wrapped present, and after tearing open the wrapping paper – you find the present you’ve been wishing to get this Christmas! That’s exactly what happened for 35 people living with a life-threatening genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), and their “Santa” was Adyn’s Dream!
Adyn’s Dream is a nonprofit started 3-years-ago by Adyn Bucher when she was 10 years old to raise money for individuals and families living with the harsh realities of SMA. …