As Suzanne Matsuda sat in a chair at Salon 808 and gazed at her reflection in the mirror, her chestnut hair looked so natural that one would not have guessed it wasn’t her own, but a wig.
“Now go home and look through a magazine and select a look for you,” said her stylist Henry Ramirez, the salon owner. At Matsuda’s next appointment, he said, he would finish styling her wig.
Then, without further ado, and in full view of the crowded salon, he lifted off the wig, revealing her bald head. Matsuda, who had lost her hair to alopecia, an autoimmune disorder, didn’t bat an eye. Nor did anyone else. She put on a chic knit cap and headed out with a smile and a wave.
For almost 20 years, Ramirez, whom everyone calls Uncle Henry, has been providing free wig styling and low-cost wigs to women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, …