LONDON — Refugee, strawberry-picker, economist, U.N. whistleblower and tech CEO: Ismail Ahmed has worn many hats on his long journey to running a firm with an annual turnover of $60 million.
Along the rocky road to success, the cheerful 57-year-old has survived the ravages of war-torn Somalia and ostracization after calling out corrupt practices.
He now employs hundreds of workers worldwide — a remarkable outcome for a man whose integrity once left him, in his own words, “not only unemployed, but unemployable.”
Ahmed created a business that allows customers to transfer money from 50 countries to over 140 locations across the globe with the tap of a finger.
As a British national who grew up in east Africa, he has been both a recipient and a sender of desperately needed cash and knows firsthand how critical such a service can be, especially at a time …