Cat missing for 10 years, burned in California wildfire returned to Longmont family Source: Times Call News

We have a feeling that Pilot the cat is on his eighth or ninth life by now. Quite serendipitously, his first life — as a kitten and young cat living with the Thompson family — has come full circle many lives later.
According to Times-Call Local News, Pilot’s story began when he was adopted by Jenn Thompson, her husband and her two young children back in 2004. They had the kitten microchipped and he lived as an indoor-outdoor cat in Santa Rosa, California. She says Pilot followed the kids around like a loyal dog, until he wandered away one day about three years later.
The family was devastated; they searched for him and checked around the local shelters. When he didn’t turn up, they feared the worst — that he’d been taken by a coyote. In 2010, the Northern California family moved to Longmont, Colorado, and assumed they’d never see Pilot again.
Over the years, they …