As the campaign against the Islamic State begins to draw to a close, the terror group is down to an estimated 6,500 fighters, with only about 100 left in Raqqa, its former self-proclaimed capital in Syria, the U.S. military declared Tuesday.
“ISIS in Iraq and Syria are all but isolated in their quickly shrinking territory,” said Col. Ryan Dillon, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad.
The assessment came on the day Raqqa was declared liberated by the commander of the U.S.-backed Kurdish-led militia that has been slowly clearing the city of Islamic State fighters over the past four months.
The U.S. military stopped short of declaring the battle for Raqqa over, but said the Islamic State was on the “verge of a devastating defeat” at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces, a mix of Kurdish and Arab fighters.
“We are aware of the reports that ISIS has been defeated in Raqqa,” Dillon told …