An Oklahoma 911 operator went above and beyond last week when he got a call from a grieving couple and ended up helping the pair in more ways than one.
Adam Clark, 40, says 65-year-old Larry Raines called him earlier this month to complain about people loitering on his property. But Clark tells PEOPLE he soon learned that Larry and his wife, Anita, had recently fallen on hard times.
“I found out that his son passed away, his adult son,” Clark, of the Oklahoma City Police Department, tells PEOPLE. “They were having a hard time getting through the holidays. And I knew from our conversation that they didn’t have any family in town.”
So, Clark and his wife, Jennifer, cooked the couple a lavish Christmas dinner with “all the fixings,” Clark says.
“I smoked a ham! There was dessert, there was stuffing,” he tells PEOPLE. “Basically, everything you’d have for a normal Christmas dinner …