Passengers told CBC that the bus, which was headed from Sudbury, Ont., to Toronto, was travelling east near Keele Street on Highway 401 on Thursday when the driver slumped over the wheel.
“There was a bit of a commotion at the front and then someone turned around and yelled, ‘Can anyone drive a bus?'” said passenger Laurie Gennings. “And at that point we all kind of panicked because the bus was still moving.”
The vehicle was merging into traffic when a woman took charge of the situation, Gennings said. 
OPP Const. Robert Knight said the bus was not moving very fast when it was safely navigated to the right shoulder of Highway 401’s eastbound lane. 
“It could’ve been a lot worse if that woman hadn’t stepped in when she did,” he said. “All of those people on that bus should thank her.”
Gennings wants to do just that.
“I didn’t get to greet her and tell her thank you after the incident but if …