A FIREFIGHTER was stunned when he received a thank-you text – from a man he thought had died.
Chris Kendall performed CPR on heart attack victim Allan Hainey for
15 minutes but he was told later by police that Allan had passed away.
Five months later, Chris, 32, got a text from Allan thanking him for saving
his life.
The firefighter said: “I couldn’t stop smiling when I got his message.
“I was jumping up and down. I couldn’t be happier that he’s alive.”
Fire brigade operational training manager Chris was driving on the A1 in the Borders in June when he spotted Allan being dragged from his car after suffering severe heart attack.
Chris, who was living in Kincardine, Fife , at the time, gave chest
compressions to Allan for 15 minutes.
A mix-up meant that when Chris asked police later about the outcome, he …