Calvin Acuff, a real estate agent based in Morganton, North Carolina, is a self-professed animal lover who currently takes care of six pets — dogs Charlie, Molly, Willa, and cats Bow Tie, Orville and Leo — all of which he rescued while out and about hiking and walking in gorgeous mountain scenery that surrounds his town.
Acuff, who only began his real estate career in 2016, infuses his love for rescue pets in his everyday business by giving buyers advice on how to care for furry friends they’d like to bring into their new home. But, Acuff wanted to do something more to help the community he’s loved since his childhood in the country.
“I’ve never had the traditional experience of going out and buying a puppy,” said Acuff. “I’ve always just loved rescue animals. They make excellent pets and the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve rescued.”
“When the new year came, I began thinking …