Tiffany Ladd and her family knew something was terribly wrong shortly after she gave birth to her daughter, Kalyn. What should have been a happy time for the family was soon filled with concern and medical tests, according to Suzanne Wheeler, Tiffany’s mother and Kalyn’s grandmother.
Wheeler said she remembers bringing home baby Kalyn to be cared for by her and husband David Wheeler while their son-in-law, Jeremy Ladd, focused on Tiffany’s care.
That time of uncertainty in 2006 culminated in a shocking diagnosis of end-stage renal failure for Ladd, who was 21 when she had Kalyn.
“We were just traumatized,” Wheeler said.
After Tiffany’s diagnosis was confirmed, Wheeler said she didn’t hesitate to offer one of her kidneys to give her daughter a chance to live a healthy life.
Now 34 years old, Tiffany is healthy and leading that healthy life due in part to the life-saving kidney donated by Wheeler in March 2006. …