SAN ANTONIO – Emotions were high today, as a veteran in need received the Christmas present of a lifetime.
“People can say it’s a small miracle, but to me it’s bigger than life,” said Tyler Smith from E.L. Smith Plumbing. “It’s the best Christmas miracle that you could have. I’m a very honored man to be a part of this.”
The mission started back on Memorial Day. A veteran support group called “Guns to Hammers”, drove across the country, raising awareness and money for vets in need.
“It means we get to keep him at home,” said Carol Rankin. “We don’t have to put him somewhere.”
“A lot of times when these guys get out they’re forgotten about, and they shouldn’t be,” said JR Smith from Guns to Hammers.
Since 2008, Otis Rankin, a Vietnam war veteran, has been battling Parkinson’s disease.
“He’s to the point where he has a lot of trouble …