A group of scientists, marine ecosystem protectors and government officials from several countries throughout the Americas are working together to create the “Galapagos-Cocos Swimway.”
The swimway will be a “new type of international (marine) management” system, Carlos Chacon, Director of Pacific Network (Red Pacifico in Spanish), a principal proponent of the swimway, tells TeleSUR.
He and other ocean researchers want to implement the swimway with marine life protections along the Cocos Ridge, a 700km underwater mountain range that connects the Galapagos Islands Marine Reserve in Ecuador and the Cocos Island Marine Reserve in Costa Rica in order to safeguard several varieties of at-risk species of sharks, whales and sea turtles that frequently mate and migrate along this oceanic corridor.  
He says the proposed swimway would be the first internationally, “specially managed” marine conservation project, taking into account ocean ecologies and human economies.
Pacific Network, a multinational marine conservation organization that works to protect the 2 million square kilometres of ocean waters off the …