A woman who took off her hijab during anti-government protests in Iran has been branded “a hero”.
The lone woman was filmed without the traditional Middle Eastern head dress and waving a white flag, in an apparent protest against the country’s strict dress code for women.
Laws have been in place in Iran since 1979 stating women must observe the Islamic dress code.
This week police in capital Tehran announced they would no longer arrest women who fail to observe the strict Islamic dress code.
However, local news reports suggest women who wear non-Islamic dress could still be made to attend classes given by police.
The clip was posted to Twitter by Armin Navabi, an atheist and author of a book called Why There Is No God.
He captioned the video: “This woman in #Iran took off her #Hijab to protest the mandatory Islamic dress code imposed on Iranian women. #IStandWithHer #IranProtests #Islam.”
The tweet has been …