FORT SMITH, Ark. — In October of 2016, the Masjid Al Salam in Fort Smith was vandalized. But over one year later, the man behind the act, Abraham Davis, receives his ticket to freedom from the people he hurt the most. 
“It shouldn’t be hanging over him for the rest of his life,” President of Al Salam Louay Nassri said.
October of 2016 Swastika’s etched in spray paint and the words “go home” covered the front of the Masjid Al Salam. 
The mosque security cameras caught the man behind the act. 
“We knew this person did a bad thing and there has to be consequences for their actions,” Nassri said. “But we didn’t have any ill feelings towards anybody.”
Abraham Davis’ felony charge consisted of community service and a hefty fine. 
A task Davis might not have been able to complete on his own. 
“We heard that he was having financial problems,” Nassri said. “Now if you don’t pay …