A gay man who was attacked by the homophobe but saved by a trio of drag queen “angels” has set up a fundraising page to replace their damaged nails and wigs.
Ivan Flinn, from New Zealand, was the victim of a homophobic attack in Sydney. ?
Flinn was out one evening when a group of men approached him and began to call him a “faggot” and “queer c*nt”.
Speaking to news.com.au, Flinn explained that he told the men to not “use the word faggot especially not on Oxford St” where they were stood.
“There were heaps of homophobic slurs… all the slurs you can possibly imagine,” he added.
The men began to attack Flinn, ultimately dislocating his jaw and ripping his clothes from his body.
Flinn explained that when the attack was happening he thought he was going to die.
However, he was saved by a group of unexpected heroes. …