In 2016, three Arkansas men vandalized a local mosque with racist graffiti. Recently, one of these men, Abraham Davis, was facing years in prison for failing to pay the fine for that crime.
That’s when the community from the same mosque cut him a cheque.
As It Happens host Carol Off spoke with Dr. Louay Nassri, president of the Al Salam mosque in Fort Smith, Ark., about why he decided to forgive Davis and handover $1,700 US.
Dr. Nassri, why did your mosque decide to pay the fine for Abraham Davis?
Well, it’s because he was sentenced to six years suspended. So he did his community service and he started paying the fines every month and then we heard that he and his family are having financial stress and actually they were evicted from their house and we didn’t want him to go to prison for six years for his mistakes. So we decided in the mosque to …