The kitten was scared and had been stuck in the cold for hours.
“He had fell in the water and came up on the little piece of rock, just left of the steps and froze right there,” said Roy Jasper.
The Jaspers used a camera to see the kitten all the way down on the marina. Roy and Laurie Jasper say that they were worried sick about the kitten after it had gotten stuck and then disappeared. Eleven hours later, he showed up again. The Jaspers called for back up.
“I poured the water on his front feet, and in a few seconds, they did come loose,” said Mercer County Sheriff Ernie Kelty. The sheriff continued to cut free the kitten’s fur that was also frozen. 
“And then he put him under his shirt, and walked up here and gave him to me. Of course, Laurie took him in and wiped him down with towels. …