Aside from a pair of tight jeans, big boots and a 10-gallon-hat, have you ever wondered what it takes to work on a cattle station in northern Australia?
From the camp cook to the wild young ringer chasing scrub bulls, a wide variety of people keep the northern cattle industry ticking.
Whether it is to build a career, a relationship, or to have a good time, here are some people who have decided to work on the land.
The endless gap year
For a year’s break between high school and further study, Annie Henwood moved to Cubbaroo Station near Cloncurry to experience life as a ringer.
Moving from a farm near Toobeah in southern Queensland, Ms Henwood said the idea to move up north had come from a family friend.
However, the decision was not easy.
“My brother went overseas and did a gap year and I thought, yeah that’s great, that would be awesome,” Ms Henwood …