With the season over, football players from North Bergen High School caught loose dogs instead of touchdowns while helping rescue the animals from severe cold with the help of the police department.
Three dogs — rottweiler mixes — were discovered New Year’s Eve in an industrial part of North Bergen and scooped out of the sub-20 degree cold Monday. It took 12 hours to capture the dogs, according to police, but they were all doing well once they warmed up at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison.
“It’s really great to see people as young as high school go out in this weather and pulling together for a common cause like this,” Kayley Nugent, communications and marketing coordinator for St. Hubert’s, said. “I think it generates a lot of hope for people.”
The dogs, first thought to be a mother and two puppies, were actually all the same age of around 9 months. They were first checked for frostbite …