Well, isn’t this nice?
In an interview with Uproxx back in May, comedian Sarah Silverman said- “Having a screaming competition… never changes minds. So, we need to try and understand each other.” Yesterday she was as good as her word.
A Twitter user named Jeremy called her the c-word and instead of ignoring him, or lashing out, she went on to his profile. From previous messages the 47-year comedian old found out Jeremy had issues with back pain and drug abuse and reached out to him.
“I believe in you. I know this feeling….I see it in you,” she wrote, before the pair had this beautiful interaction.
I can’t choose love. A man that resembles Kevin spacey took that away when I was 8. I can’t find peace if I could find that guy who ripped my body who stripped my innocence I’d kill him. He fucked me up and I’m poor so its …