A female polar bear at a Scottish animal park has given birth to a cub, says the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. (RZSS).
It is the first polar bear to be born in the UK in 25 years.
The mother bear, Victoria, is one of three adult polar bears at the Highland Wildlife Park at Kincraig, near Aviemore.
RZSS said “high-pitched noises” made by the cub could be heard from Victoria’s maternity den just before Christmas.
The last polar bear cubs born in the UK were twins at Flamingo Land in Yorkshire on 8 December 1992.
Arktos, the male bear Victoria mated with, is one of the park’s other adult bears. He is in a separate enclosure from the female bear.
Victoria’s enclosure is closed to the public.
Una Richardson, the park’s head keeper responsible for carnivores, said: “We first heard promising noises in the week before Christmas and these have now continued into the new year. …