A girl of 12 has received a kidney from her mother – seven years after her dad gave her an ­identical gift.
Azia Hassan was only four years old when she had her first lifesaving transplant, but the organ started to fail four years later due to a viral infection.
By October, it became clear Azia needed a new one urgently and only weekly dialysis would keep her alive.
Mum Uzma Asghar, 32, did not ­hesitate to step forward.
She said: “If I can survive with one kidney and Azia desperately needs the other to live as normal a life as possible, why wouldn’t I choose to donate?
“I had been tested before when she had her first operation, so I knew I was a match. My ex-husband was found to be a better match so he donated his. She will be on medication for life – but that’s OK. Fingers crossed, she can finally …