CHICAGO, Ill. – To understand this story, you have to go back 30 years and 600 miles to a pawn shop in Junction City, Kansas.
It was there that a Chicago guy stationed at a local U.S. Army base hawked a handful of $100 savings bonds. It was quick cash for a young man in need of a little spending money.
Little did he know that exchange would find its way back to him as a 58-year-old man when he was in even greater need.
Chris Mathis, the owner of that Kansas pawn shop, got his mind set on finding the owners of the savings bonds that stacked up over the years. He took over the shop from his dad years ago and decided he would put his own spin on it, by returning money to the guys who came in decades ago, down on their luck, according to WGN.
He found over 50 …