Thai media reported that an injured Golden Retriever had gone to the vet himself after getting an eye injury.
The dog was not just waiting outside – apparently he was pawing at the door of the Petto Street clinic in Lam Lukka, Pathum Thani, for help.
Vet Siramanee Wongpitayadisai soon had matters in hand and had the retriever’s eye patched up and a device put on to stop the now christened “Jao Den” from scratching himself. 
Now came the job of finding out who the owner was. The vet said that no way was he a stray or a soi dog. as he was trained and not fierce.
They got on a motorcycle to tour the area but when that didn’t work the vet posted on Facebook to try and find the owner.
This did the trick and the owner and dog were later …