Jan. 5 (UPI) — Authorities in Houston released security camera footage of a quick-thinking cellphone store worker locking an armed robber inside the business alone.
The video, recovered April 17 of last year at Latino Cell on the southwest side of the city, was released this week following the sentencing of the suspect, John Bell, to five years in prison.
The video shows Bell walk into the store and demand clerk Karina Leon open the cash register.
“It was in broad daylight,” Leon told KHOU-TV. “I was cashing out a customer and she had a baby. I think I was handing her her cash, then this guy walks in with a hoodie on.”
The video shows Leon refuse to open the register, and Bell walks into the store’s office. While he is in the office, Leon ushers a customer and another worker out of the store, locking the door behind her.
“As soon as he …