It is a remarkable tale of the kindness of strangers and a hardy pet surviving against the odds.
Red, the Welsh Border Collie, vanished while being walked in heavy snow on Preseli Mountains, Pembrokeshire, on Thursday, 28 December.
Her owners thought they would never see her again but, after a 10-day search, she was found by a stranger.
Despite losing some weight, the 13-year-old dog is enjoying being back at home, her family has said.
Student Caitlin Thompson, 21, was walking the family pet with her father, Richard, when Red vanished. They had been searching but had started to lose hope that she would be found.
“It was quite heavy snow, we didn’t walk her on the lead as she has always been fine,” she said. “She knows the area… she just set off. I think she got disorientated.”
Caitlin, who returned to the family home in Pembrokeshire for Christmas, posted about their pet’s disappearance on …